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I chose to visit ???Ross Dress for Less???. Ross is an off priced store that sells brand named products at a discount. Ross Department Store was first opened in San Bruno, California, in 1950 by Morris “Morrie” Ross. ???The next store was established in Pacifica, California, in the late 1950s???. ???In 1982 a group of investors, including Mervin Morris, founder of the Mervyns chain of department stores, purchased the six Ross Department Stores, changed the format to off-price retail units, and within three years rapidly expanded the chain to 107 stores???.
This store does not cater to one age group it caters to all age groups. One of the steps that Ross strives to incorporate into their stores is cultural diversity. They strive to have products that can be used by people of all cultures and nationalities. They use something called ???Cross-cultural analysis. It involves the study of similarities and differences among consumers in two or more nations or societies???.
Ross stores sell a variety of products, including clothes, shoes, furniture, jewelry, toys and household products. They sell accessories at reduced or sale price as well. There is a children??™s section, a teen section, a men??™s section and there is a women??™s sections as well. They sell all brands of clothing, household goods, perfumes, shoes and toys. They also sell accessories like hand bags and belts at reduced or sale prices.
The location of the store that I visited is in an area call Briercreek. It is a large shopping area that has been expanding and developing over the last few years. I believe the reason for the location of this store because of the revenue that it will generate being surrounded by an abundance of other shops and retail stores. Another reason for this location is that it is close to the airport as well as convenient for businesses, families and neighborhoods.
The type of people that shop at this retail store vary in age, race, size, economic status, background and culture. From time to time you will see all of the above shopping at Ross. There are people shopping there from all walks of life, people who are not financially challenged shop at Ross as well as people who are on a fixed income. They are all looking for discounts and sales because of the variety of merchandise available at this store. The target marketing segment for this store is all people because their view is to have a wide variety of products directed towards most if not all of its customers.
I do not think that most of the products that Ross sells can be easily and competitively shopped at other retail stores because of the low prices that Ross has on a daily basis. Other retail stores have some of the same products but they only have them at certain times, and are rarely on sale. Ross??™s prices are discounted every day. Not only are they discounted every day, they have such an abundance of products as well as a large variety of named brands. This is why it is hard for the same type of products to be easily and competitively shopped at other retail stores
The Ross store that I visited is very well laid out. When you enter the store there are carts readily available to use for your shopping pleasure. They have a jewelry case, as well as a clearance rack for you to browse immediately. There are signs hanging from the ceiling pointing out the different sections in the store, so you can find a particular section if you are looking for something specific.
In the store that I visited, you cannot get answers easily from clerks. They seem to be as lost as the customer. If you as them a question, they do not seem to have the answers that you need. Another downfall to the Ross dress for less is, when they call a manager to get some help, the manager seemed to have the attitude that he/she really does not want to be bothered. So no, you cannot get answers easily from clerks at this store.
Sales people do not seem to be well trained in any of the Ross stores that I have visited. I have visited several stores not only in the area where I live, but in other areas as well. They all seem to have been trained the same way. They could use a longer training period than what they were given, and accessed and or watched more in order to see how well they interact with customers.
As for the return policies of this store, I think they are comparable to the return policies of other stores. As with other stores, with your receipt you can obtain a full refund. If you do not have a receipt you have to settle for what the product is not selling for at that time. With this being a discount store the price of the product could have really dropped by the time that you decide to return it. So sometimes waiting the thirty days to return could really cost you.
In conclusion: the executives??™ running this company seemed to have put a lot of thought into the marketing activities connected with Ross. From what I have read, Ross regularly reviews the results of their marketing efforts, and they keep track of how they acquire new clients. They regularly assess how to trim their marketing budget without hurting their revenue. So I think by doing all of these things coupled with customer surveys and the discounts that they offer they will be able to continue to have customer loyalty and will be able to have a successful business for years to come.