How Information Is Used

How Information Is UsedInformation collected by EIS is variance reports, comparative analysis, and information that can be shared with other hotels to compare. Information collected by a DSS is how much money is spent on cleaning supplies, Identifies consumers from certain regions common traits, and anything that takes a few or long period of time for any question. Information collected from an EIS and DSS helps a hotel manager make strategic decision for their company by helping them combine and compare data using these to predict what will happen in the future. It also emphasis on understanding the results over time and what they will mean in the future. This information can be used for competitive advantage by giving the hotel some insight on how the hotel has ran in the past and help them to make better choices in the future of the hotel. They can use this information to get their guests to keep coming back and be able to show other hotels how to be competitive and learn how to get their customers. This information can be used for financial advantage because the in the future the hotel will know how things were done in the past and they can use this information to help them with the purchases that they will be making. It also helps them to them when they are doing the company??™s finances so they know what the company know what revenue is coming in and out. As a hotel manager this information helps show the full picture of the property by letting them see how the business is running and will run in the future. It helps them to know how much money they are making monthly and in a year so they know what the business needs for repairs, rooms, etc. It helps the manager to know that things will be running smoothly and gives them a clear picture of what things need to be changes or made better. It helps a manager to know what types of people to hire and what things the hotel needs to buy.