How Important Are Introductory Paragraphs for Formal or Business Letters

How important are Introductory Paragraphs for formal or business letters
Today modern technology offers us so many different ways of communication that writing letters may seem something of the past, particularly as it is becoming faster and more concise, for example the every day use of emails and text messages. This is why today the introductory paragraph of formal and business letters is much more important as it is the way to catch the readers attention and interest in order to entice them to continue reading the letter.
In English you will find that there are many rules and guidelines on how to write a formal or business letter, all linguist experts and professional companies, such as recruitment agencies, agreed that the first paragraph is they key point to attract the recipient”s interest,r. The content of the first paragraph varies according to why and who you are writing to, for example to name a few:
??? Application/cover letter
??? Marketing letter
??? Fund RaisingA cover letter seems today to be the most in demand formal letter. Writing a cover letter, for example to apply for a job, needs to be a factual summary of your skills, experience and achievements so it can tell the reader briefly about who you are and what you can offer to the company. The first paragraph is where the candidate shows off, stating clearly its experience and interest in the role the reason why he/she thinks is the best person suited for the role. For example:???I have over 10 years of experience in marketing and administration and have applied my sales and marketing skills successfully by meeting the sales target set up by my manager and generate sales in excess of ?100 thousands. Also possess excellent organizational skills and proven ability to establish successful marketing campaigns and promote business development.??? Marketing letters, with this type of letter the customer has to be interested in what is in offer, so the first paragraph has to let her/him know of the benefits of the company, special offers and/or new products. These type of letters are used by companies to regain customers that have moved to competitors, gain new customers and keep current ones loyal to the company, hence they are very important in their marketing campaigns.Fund Raising letters, your donation request letters need to have a clear idea of who your targets are. Needs to tell potential donors at very early stage of your letter what you need and what your non profit organization is doing with the funds you raise. Many successful companies start indicating their reason to right to you in the envelope, just like some sales letters. In the body of the letter you may write more supporting statements including additional information.I recently attended a seminar for unemployed people organised by the job center, one of the speakers was from May & Stephens recruitment and careers company and he explain that ??? due to the current employment situation, employers are receiving too many applicants for one job, that they can not read every letter so their criteria to reject an applicant has become extremely picky, any letter start with a boring sentence, misspelling etc. are disregarded immediately???, this applied to all kind of letters.

We can conclude that the first paragraph is the key to reach your objective – so if you want your letter to be read by the recipient next time give it a more thought to your first paragraph.

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