How Has the Director of Scream, Wes Craven Conveyed Horror to the Audience

Director, Wes craven has successfully conveyed horror in the movie Scream by Using several techniques such as Camera Angles & Shots, Music & Sounds aswell as costume design. In the movie Casey, the main character recieves numerous phone calls from a stranger. At first these calls were friendly and polite, but after repetitive calls the stranger on the phone became very threatening. He forces her to play a trivia game with him, worried about how much longer she will live when she answers a question wrong. Wes Craven has incorporated many different and new things to make this popular horror even scarier.
Wes Craven has successfully conveyed horror by using Suspenseful music and sounds. Some may call these sounds and music typical; well, it is. But thats what makes it scary! When you hear that music or particular sounds, you know something is going to happen. When the stranger make Casey play the trivia game with him the 1st Question she answered corectly, the 2nd she gets wrong and her Boyfriend Steve??™s guts get ripped out but the 3rd question was ???Which door am I at The patio door or the front door???After this was said the ???typical??™ Suspenseful music started, so you could tell that something was about to happen. After a few seconds a deck chair came through the glass patio doors. With that Casey started running. Mise-en-scene is used to create the best/scariest scene possible. The use of very dark lighting, a high camera angle then continuing to use a panning movement following Casey as she runs contribute to make the scene come together well. The dark lighting normally signifies death or evil, which is very relevant in this scene. It also creates mystery because you can??™t see much. The high camera angle shows that she is small and vulnerable and that she has no power. The panning movement showed how fast Casey was running. By using these 3 things, It created the mise-en-scene and conveyed horror to the audience.
In the movie Scream, Numerous Camera Angles are used by the Director, Wes Carven to convey Horror to the audience.In many parts of the opeing scene to the movie Casey is asked by the mysterious voice on the phone what her name is. The last time he asks Casey says ???Why do you want to know my name??? The voice replies ???I want to know who I??™m looking at???As this was says the Camera immeadiately zooms into her face providing a close-up with an eye-level angle. The use of the zoom to provide a close-up and the eye-level shot together emphasise her emotion which would obviously be distress and uncomfort. The Lighting is also very dark creating the mysterious atmospehere and symbolising death and evil. By using al these thing Wes Craven has emphasised horror in the movie scream.
Through the use of Costume design in the movie Scream, the director Wes Craven has successfully conveyed horror to the audience. In the movie the main character Casey is portrayed as an innocent girl with not much to do on a Saturday night. It is obvious to the audience as Casey is dressed in all white. White give the idea of purity, peace, innocence & youth. Even her hairstyle gives out vibes of innocence. The style of the ???bob??™ is generally a hairstyle for young children who are innocent and peaceful. You then compare this to the disguise that the killer is wearing; a black grim reaper cloak and a mask which was deriven from Edvard Munch??™s famous painting ???The Scream??™. The use of the black on the cloak symbolises Power, mystery, Sadness, anger, evil, anonymity, unhappiness & death. The mask hides the killer??™s face which enhances the anonymity. By the use of these particlar colours and the costume design, Wes Craven has conveyed horror to the audience.
Through a variety of techniques, Wes Craven, the director of Scream has conveyed the horror in the movie. Very simple things like particular music, Camera Angles & shots and Costume design the director has made a great movie. The music in these types oif movies can sometimes be labeled typical but what??™s a good horror movie without it The Camera Angles and shots can really emphasise emotions and many other things when used correctly. Very importantly Costume design can be a major efect in these movies especially with the comparison of Black and white (or Innocent and evil). Through using all of these things, director Wes Craven has conveyed horror through the movie Scream to the Audience.