How External and Personal Factors Can Influence a Childs Development

Internal and External Factors That Can Affect a Childs Development.There are several factors that can affect a childs development such as a visual impairment could prevent a child from reading a book, having an abusive back ground can affect a childs trust and relationships (social development) and poverty can affect a child because they may not be able to afford the correct equiptment to be ready to learn.
Here are some personal and external factors that can affect a childs development.External Factors
Assistive Technology
A child with a physical disability can benifit from having assistive technology( using a wheelchair) to improve thier interations which can help with thier social and communication development.
Interactive boards can help a child recall information or those children that are kenestetic learners to rememeber therefore increase their interlectual development.Health Visitor
A health visitor can influence a childs development by taking every case seperatly and keeping a close eye on the childs development between birth and 5 years, and interveening at an this early stage, for example if a child without a disibility or imparment can not walk, the health visitor may implement different techniques to help develop those physical developmet areas to bring them in line with the average rate and sequence of development. Or a young child who struggles to intergrate with others, the health visitor may advise to take the child to a playgroup or help with basic disipline if snatching etc.Poverty and deprivation
If a child is affected by diprivation they may struggle with social skills and interveening with others play, for example they may snatch, bite due to hunger etc. A childs emothional development may also be affected, due to deppression witch may come with bullying etc.
A childs interlecual development could also be affected by not being ready to learn due to care not being able to afford the correct equipment such as stationary, PE kit and cooking ingredience.
The increasing about of air-pollution from car exausts/ littering/ tipping etc is shown to affect childrens growth. Personal Factors
Having a disibility can mean many things, ADHD, missing limbs and a mental disibility being only a few of them. All areas of development could be at risk when having a disibility. For example a child who has no legs will not be able to walk without prostate limbs or without other forms of aid therefore this will affect thier physical development, this could then lead to social and emotional lack of development due to bullying, lack of social interaction etc.
Having down syndrome promanantly affects a child appearance, often talk in rapid bursts and repeats words, this therefore influences thier language and communictional development.Sensory Impairment
Having a sensory impairment can mean thier develpoment is influenced quite dramatically. We learn how to read and write by using our senses, we use these senses in our everyday life, from hearing rain on the windows to know what the weather is like outside, feeling the texture of something to give an inclinch to how it will feel in the mouth and being able to drive using our sight, if one of these senses are taken away from us, it will automatically influence our development.Learning DifficultiesHaving a learning difficulty, will automatically affect a childs learning environemt, whether this means that a child may not be able to absorb information like others, whether a child struggles to write down what they are visualising in thier head or whether they struggle to use punctuation these all affect an area of development. Some children with learning difficulties may not be able to visualise numbers, understand terms etc, however may have a creative flare end can express feeling through art work, drama etc. and excel in these areas.Health Status
A good health status and bad health status can have instant affects and leading affects to a childs development. Good health is a healthy balanced diet which will ensure the growth and development to be inline with the sequence and rate of development. A large intake food can lead to obesity and a small quantity of food can lead to anorexia these will both affect the growth and development of a child. Good health such as good speech, eyesight, hearing, keeping fit and a generally good life style will benefit the growth and development of a child. Where as bad speech, bad skin, bad hearing, bad eyesight, no exercise, always being ill, not eating properly and inherited disease can have huge affects on the body, ifluencing the growth and development of a child. Being ill all the time will have huge affects on children later in life as they will be missing a lot of school and therefore all other areas of development are affected, through missing school children will miss opportunities to learn, develop and build on skills that maybe useful later on in life.