Contrastive Perspective on Sex Education 1995-2010

Anis Suzana Bt Shafie
Comparative perspective of sex education: 1995 ??“ 2010
Sex education was first introduced since the end of the 90th century, but has suffered controversy because some say that sex education is not appropriate when teaching in primary schools. Point less than the government has been trying to introduce a variety of programs to state that sex education should be taught from primary school because they will bring positive impact to children??â„Ēs. Moreover, people in the late 90th have not realized the importance of sex education for their children that should be thought since primary school but all acknowledge that, since the era of globalization only become more social problems, I will briefly explain in my assignment the difference in how 1995th view and now on sex education. I also discuss about get real in sex education and sex education. people in Malaysia is now able to breath easily, especially when the government already stressed the importance of sex education taught from primary school than in the past, people at once is not an open mind to accept that sex education be taught from primary school. Sex education should be taught from primary school because they will get advance knowledge of sex .But this does not mean they should be taught in detail. Teaching and learning must meet certain age so they understand and do not be surprised when they are grown soon. The effect of sex education for secondary school students in Malaysia is not completely covered, and to date there is no implementation of formal sex education in schools. In a website, a user asked about the disadvantages of teaching sex education among secondary school students. Answering these questions, a user opinion saying there is no adverse impact on the teaching of the subject, but it should be started earlier .user said, adverse effects depending on what sex education is taught in school that only if the adolescent does not receive complete information. Exposures are not comprehensive or very minimum, he added; only excite the curiosity that eventually can increase the incidence under age sex, rape and other juvenile. Nevertheless, in the teens, other influences have been more exposed young with sex and so on, and if not guided properly, they can be trapped in the addiction of pornography and the internet similar user. There is much less true statement with increasingly pornographic material that is too easily obtained by anyone in the country, including teenagers and children. Publication and distribution of pornographic reading materials has been banned from the Philippines, but no one is able to control access to pornographic material from the internet. In addition, VCD and DVD porn market in Malaysia is also very widespread and not due to lack of enforcement, but by the attitude of the community. Just imagine this true scenario. A man who is running in ???Jalan Petaling??? in the capital crowded like ants by sellers VCD. Without feel shy they show pictures of pornographic VCDs skin without respect for the mans girlfriend in that. So, to access pornographic material that is easy, how teenagers can bury a natural curiosity in the right way while this is still taboo for open discussion Teenagers aged between 11-18 years is a group that is experiencing growth and physical and emotional changes related specifically to make them prone sexual.Ini obtain information from unofficial sources should fail to obtain formal information, particularly from school or health practice. Including through discussions with my friends, reading material or sexual conduct trial masturbation, kiss even continue to have sex.the effect of this are cases of sexual crime, pregnancy minors, STD infection to the murder case involving illegal abortion and babies who die cute thrown everywhere involve youth in the mass media .There are many important factors that contribute to social issues is a lack of knowledge on adolescent sexual health. Kompas newspaper has reported a 94 per cent of young people hungry for information about Indonesia and sexual health issues but do not have accurate information. WHO has stressed two key interests earned on the awareness of sex education.First, reduce the number of teenagers who have sex are illegal. Second, they protect the practice of STD infections such as AIDS, chlamidia, gonorrhea, syphilis and others. Sex education becoming more important, let alone WHO study found that young women (aged 14-19 years) are more easily infected than boys STD rates are 2:1. So, how sex education is the most suitable formal required by our youth The Heritage Foundation researchers are of the opinion that sex education approach abstain from sex (abstinence) is more appropriate than the approach to safe sex practices are more about physical touch. Neither according to Rector R.E., pardue M. G. and Martin S. nor should teach abstinence programs on the importance of emotional and psychological basis of human sexuality in nature and not physical. He said young people should understand that the basis of sexual happiness exist basic quality of marriage is intimacy, love and commitment. This is because if in ways that really true, sexual activity will lead to building long-term emotional bonding between two individuals. Therefore, sex education programs must promote abstinence from sexual behavior during the adolescent stage and should be up to settle down. Education must be stressed that the topic of teenagers trapped in a casual sex not only will the threat of pregnancy and STD infection, but lost the ability to build a relationship of love after the adults. So, sex education should be required in schools to assist young people make preparations to build the institutions of marriage and healthy family. Notwithstanding, the study found that 62 percent of Americans agree to avoid illicit sex is the expected standard for all school age students around the world. Nonetheless, I also found some information related with sex education which is two in journal and one and e-books. I have searched in Main library about sex education but no point about perspective on this. From the affects of do not emphasize sex education since primary school I can say that it is unsecure to them because it will causes lots of social problems. But, there is a way to help them such as consult with registered counselor who knows better. Last but not least, there a link between these two eras, because their mission is one to help their children to get better understand on sex education just on 1995th they still lack of information regarding this. The conclusion is people who have negative view on sex education should exactly throw it away their mind set because it will give negative impacts to their children.