Continuing Education

Continuing Education
Unfortunately, today??™s economy has caused some people to have to sell their homes, close their businesses, and even enroll in some type of higher education. Although furthering one??™s education may not be for everyone, obtaining a degree or certification has become a vital necessity in securing a job today. Besides knowledge, an education offers a way to discover new and interesting things, but it also provides an insight into one??™s self. As a matter of fact, in ???The Idea of a University,??? author John Henry Newman states that ???It is the education which gives a man a clear conscious view of his own opinions and judgments, a truth in developing them, an eloquence in expressing them, and a force in urging them??? (54). Today??™s world is demanding and challenging; therefore, one should carefully consider furthering their education to enrich and enhance their lives and career skills for the future.
Typically, when one envisions furthering their education they think of a college or a technical school; however, all around the world there are lessons and resources to be discovered. For example, one can begin to enrich and enhance their lives simply by exploring the outdoors, walking the neighborhood, searching the internet, and talking with others because it provides an array of knowledge, experience, and discoveries for the taking. As a matter of fact, in ???Learning in the Key of Life,??? author Jon Spayde suggests that ???The whole world??™s a classroom, and to really make it one, the first thing is to believe it is??? (69). People are always looking for opportunities to fulfill their dreams and passions, but some do not understand that their education starts just by opening their front door. After all, sometimes just realizing that something is within one??™s reach is all it takes to make some dreams come true. Furthermore, enriching one??™s life enables one to flourish and grow into a well-rounded person; consequently, creating a respect and appreciation for the world and everyone in it.
In addition, furthering one??™s education is not always based on one??™s own needs and desires, but certain jobs require a degree or certification to even apply. For instance, in ???Girls against Boys??? author Katha Pollitt points out that
People??™s ideas about life often lag behind reality??”some boys haven??™t gotten the message about the decline of high-paying blue-collar work, or the unlikeliness of rap or sports stardom, the way some girls haven??™t gotten the message that it is foolish, just really incredibly stupid, to rely on being supported by a man. Most of them, however, have read the memo about having, if not a career exactly, career skills. (141)
Not only does college provide one with an abundance of information, resources, experiences, and knowledge, but it enables one to obtain career skills which will help them in their future endeavors. Also, another benefit of attending college is that it can open new areas of learning which may not have been necessarily pursued; therefore, creating a new area of learning and possibly a new career path. As a result, any type of knowledge and learning helps people acquire new skills, desires, and passions which help develop and fine tune a person to become who they are.
At any rate, people need to continually develop new skills to keep up with the advanced technology in today??™s ever changing world. Moreover, companies require applicants to have certain degrees and certifications to secure a position within their company; nevertheless, receiving an education is something people should consider. Also, companies will want their employees to keep up with the latest technology and even expect them to obtain further certifications along their career path. Some companies even offer reimbursement on courses depending on certain stipulations the company sets forth. As a result, one can further their education and still remain employed while enhancing their career skills in the process.
Certainly, the world will continue to evolve and change; therefore, people should prepare to be able to meet the demands and challenges that they will encounter throughout their lives. Becoming an educated person can help one make important decisions that could impact one??™s life forever. Moreover, an education is more than just books and tests, it empowers oneself to continue to grow and strive to a make a better life academically, emotionally, and financially. Furthermore, should a person decide that pursuing an education is something they want to do, it does require sacrifice, commitment, and hard work; however, it will enhance and enrich every aspect of their lives.Works Cited
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