Context- Reality Has the Ability to Crush the Human Spirit (Based on a Streetcar Named Desire)

Prompt: ???Reality has the ability to crush the human spirit.???
The way in which reality influences a person differs from one person to another. Sometimes it can affect a person to the point in which their spirit can be absolutely crushed. In some people??™s lives there are events of a tragic and emotional nature that they would test the resilience of even the strongest person. Should an already vulnerable person have to experience such events the result is inevitably damaging as well vulnerable people who are victims of vicious and cruel treatment feel incredible pain inside and outside when abused.?  The coming together of these factors means their minds are like time bombs, ready to go off when the pain becomes unbearable. Hence it??™s not the real truth of the reality that can crush a person but rather how they actually deal with it. It really depends on what someone decides to do when they face certain realities in their lives that determine what happens to them in the future. Tennessee William??™s play ???A Streetcar Named Desire??? demonstrates this concept of people being affected by reality in different ways depending on how they respond to it; Blanche a vulnerable person beforehand has her spirit crushed in every way possible by dreadful events from her past and the conflict in her relationship with Stanley. However her sister Stella an emotionally stronger woman deals with her realities differently which leads her to move on with her life. Another example of this is from literature is in Shakespeare??™s play ???Macbeth??™, where the reality for Lady Macbeth crushes her so hard that she isn??™t able to cope with it at all. Finally, sometimes a person is able to not only overcome the harshness of their reality but also become stronger from it. ,
A well put forward example of this is lead female protagonist Blanche Dubois becoming emotionally unstable after the suicide of her homosexual husband Allan Gray, and her loss of her home and family. By leaving Belle Reve and coming to New Orleans Blanche reinvents herself, constructing a new reality for herself that mirrors her triumphs in her life as a Southern Belle. Blanche moulds a false identity of herself as a cultivated and sophisticated woman in an attempt to hide the truth from her sister who she must now reside with and to gain a male who can give her protection. She hides in this comfortable illusion, insisting to those who don??™t believe her: ???it wouldn??™t be make-believe/if you believed in me??™. Blanche??™s frightening memories of her past, and the intense emotions that she attaches to these become the basis for her new reality. She hides away from her identity as a promiscuous, depraved woman, choosing instead to live in a world of ???magic??™. It is this ???magic??™ that becomes Blanche??™s understanding of herself. It appears as though the memories, and the emotions that we relate to them do have a considerable influence over how we create our perceptions and if we are also a vulnerable person. Though in the end, Blanche??™s reality comes back to bite her in a harsh extreme way, not only does her reality come back to haunt her, finally the way in which Stanley crushes her mentally and physically destroys her spirit to the point where she becomes more delusional.
Blanche??™s younger sister on the other hand, Stella Kowalski, shows that reality can sometimes hurt a person but they can still lead on with their lives. She feels ultimate guilt when she has to send her sister into asylum though she chooses to believe her husband over sister and she now has to live with that. She is definitely in pain when she has to see her own sister taken away by strangers. But, she is a person who is able to let go of her past to live in her present and look out for her future, which shows how she is more emotionally stable than Blanche. Her reality is that she is married to a man who she is deeply in love with, about to have his baby, and has a sister who lives her life based on lies, now from all this she had to choose over two people that she loves immensely. She chooses her husband, because this proves a secure and safe future for herself. Although this causes her a great deal of shame on herself in her eyes, she will actually be able to move on with her life, but she will never forget what happened to her sister, and that guilt will always be there.
Lady MacBeth is one of Shakespeares greatest and most intriguing female characters.?  However, she is a brutally violent, power wanting witch, and later on she turns to a shameful suicidal grieving woman. At the beginning of the MacBeth, Lady MacBeth is very savage and vicious. She thinks nothing of killing King Duncan.?  She has no sense of what is wrong and right, and believes that it is perfectly moral to do the deed of murder. Later on, after the murders, she, unlike MacBeth, still shows no signs of a conscience.?  She does not show any guilt of her reality, she is very cool and collected, while MacBeth hallucinates and goes temporarily mad.? . However, it is later on in the story, that it is revealed to us that Lady MacBeths conscience is strong.?  She realizes the consequences of what she has done and knows that in reality she has committed crimes that are unforgiveable. She knows that the sin will be on her soul forever, and that nothing will be able to cleanse it, and this is what slowly crushes her.?  She has done the deed and must expect the consequences.?  Her reality is that her sense of guilt comes home to roost, Lady Macbeth??™s sensitivity becomes a weakness, and she is unable to cope, she reality crushes her spirit so much that she kills herself. This example shows that it really does depend on how a person deals with their reality, it can make them stronger but if dealt in the wrong like Lady Macbeth did, it can crush a person physically as well as psychologically.
People react differently to different situations; it is up the person to deal with their own realities. Sometimes a person can become so much stronger because they have the stability to go on with their life. A very strong example of this is the survivors of the Holocaust. People all over the world were devastated by this atrocious act, and there are still people today who havent overcome the effects. The Jews were killed in the most inhumane ways, so many families were destroyed and so many killed. But some of the ones that got out of the Holocaust and escaped from death actually became stronger from what had just happened to them. They were able to live on, and tell people the stories and what their realities were. Some have felt the need to remind the world of what happened during those awful times so the rest of the world is able to learn from the mistakes made in the past.
Although we are all human, we all deal with our own realities differently. Sometimes a person??™s reality can be so harsh that it can cause them to become extremely mentally unstable, which can ultimately cause the crushing of their spirits, as this is shown by the characters of Blanche DuBois in Tennessee William??™s play ???A streetcar named Desire??™ and Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare??™s ???Macbeth???, who are both so stuck in their realities that they become insane. Sometimes a person maybe be crushed, though they are able to lead on with their lives, as they have no other choice, which is demonstrated by Stella in Tennessee William??™s play ???A streetcar named Desire??™. On the other hand, reality does not always have the ability to crush the human spirit but it can make a person so much stronger. It can have such an impact that a person is able to move on and have such a stronger outlook on life such as some people in the Holocaust.