Nostradamus, who he was

Maybe all of you know Nostradamus. But do you know who he really is? Nostradamus was a French paranormal in the 16th Century. He is very famous for his ability to see and predict the future. In this article, you will see what he done, and find out that he is NOT a boring person.

Some people believed that Nostradamus had predicted lots of important events in the world history, including the French Revolution, the era of Adolf Hitler, the Great Fire of London, the murder of John F. Kennedy, the explosion of the space shuttle “Challenger”, and the destruction of World Trade Center Towers. His prophecies are written in 942 (nine hundred forty-two!) poems called “The Centuries”. A single verse is called a “quatrain” and 100 quatrains are called a Centurie. It had been passed for almost five hundred years and amaze lots of readers.

Who is Nostradamus?

Nostradamus’ real name is Michel de Nostradame, an astrologer and astronomer who lived in 16th century. The details of his life aren’t clear. Even a website says that most of his well-known biographies are just fiction. Even though, it is agreed that Nostradamus was born on December 14, 1503, in St. Remy de Provence, with four brothers.

Nostradamus received normal subjects at school (includes math, science, and languages), and also some religious education. His dad’s family was Jews but had moved to Roman Catholicism when he was young.

Nostradamus left his home in 1522 to study medicine in Montpellier. After completing his education, he lived in Southern France to treat people with plague disease.

Nostradamus married in 1534 and started a family. He had two children, but the plague disease killed his wife and his children.

After the tragedy, Nostradamus moved to Salon and married with Anne Ponsart Gemelle in 1554. During this time, he started to write his book. On July 1, 1566 Nostradamus said his final prediction to his priest. He answered his priest’s goodbye: “Until tomorrow!” with: “You will not find me alive at sunrise.” In the same night, Nostradamus died in the age of 62.

Nostradamus’ Work

Nostradamus book was written in French, with some Latin, Greek, and Italian. Every quatrain in the book tells about a specific event. It is very difficult to understand, since it is full with similes and sounds more like a story than a prediction. For example, the line below (original in French on the top and English translation after it) is taken from Centurie 1, Quatrain 4:

Par l’univers sera faict un monarque,

Qu’en paix & vie ne sera longuement,

Lors se perdra la piscature barque,

Sera regie en plus grand detriment.

In the world there will be made a king

who will have little peace and a short life.

At this time the ship of the Papacy will be lost,

governed to its greatest detriment.

Although that it’s very difficult to understand, Nostradamus followers said that if someone is able translate and understand the meaning correctly, some of his predictions already come true (and will come true).

Nostradamus and Adolf Hitler

Many Nostradamus followers believe that Nostradamus had predicted about Hitler. The quatrain below (as usual: original writing in French on top, English translation below) is taken from Centurie 2, Quatrain 24:

Bestes farouches de faim fleuues tranner;

Plus part du champ encontre Hister sera,

En cage de fer le grand fera treisner,

Quand rien enfant de Germain obseruera.

Beasts ferocious from hunger will swim across rivers:

The greater part of the region will be against the Hister,

The great one will cause it to be dragged in an iron cage,

When the German child will observe nothing.

Nostradamus followers said that “Hister” is actually “Hitler”. Another quatrain says that a “ruthless” leader born in Western Europe with poor parents (Hitler was born in Germany with poor parents!), and another one says about Hister’s fight with Asia and Africa.

Nostradamus and John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was shot on the roof. Many of Nostradamus’ followers believed that in his quatrain below he had predicted it:

The ancient work will be finished, Evil ruin will fall upon the great one from the roof: Dead they will accuse an innocent one of the deed, the guilty one hidden in the copse in the drizzle

Believe it or Not

Nostradamus’ prophecies are actually not clear and are not relevant. Most of his predictions that’s believed come true is actually a creativity of the translator/interpreter. And, most of his predictions (or all of them maybe) are saying about war/disaster that may happen anytime in the past or in the future.

Maybe in the next hundred years there will be a dictator from Germany called Hastre and Nostradamus followers will believe that he predict it in the same poem.

That’s most of the reasons why peoples don’t believe his prediction. But, out there in the Internet there are still uncountable numbers of his followers (and fakers too).

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